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Seawater Desalination Plant - Melbourne

LOCATION : Melbourne, Australia
PROGRAMME : Water treatment Plant for the production of drinking water from seawater. Capacity: 350,000 m3/day
CLIENT : State of Victoria
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Architect: AIA Associés Industrial process: Suez Environnement
DESIGN : Competition winner 2009
COST : €2.4 billion excluding taxes

Here, the architects have achieved a "furtive" project concept called "The Green Line", by minimising the impact of the plant on a highly sensitive seaside site. Laid out over two parallel "integration / expression" approach levels, the project aims to shatter the boundaries between architecture and landscape. By relying explicitly on the work of land art artists such as Michel Heizer, earth is used as the mainstay material of the project. To this end, the combined excavations for offshore drilling operations, for the 80 km pipeline which runs from the site to the town, as well as for the works buried on the site, as well as the movement of earth available on site moved a total of 600,000 m3 of earth to make up this green line almost 2 km in length, in which the landscape imperceptibly transforms into the constructed structure.