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Rhena Clinic

LOCATION : Strasbourg, France
PROGRAMME : Private hospital 373 beds and places 27 rooms within the technical facility 7 delivery rooms 5 hectare site
AREA : 30,600 m²
CLIENT : Adassa - Diaconat - Ste Odile - Clinique de Strasbourg
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Commissioned architect: AIA Associés Engineering and project economics: AIA Ingénierie
COST : €51.5 million excluding taxes
Located on the banks of the Rhine in the heart of the Jardin des Deux-Rives in Strasbourg, an urban area undergoing rapid expansion, the Clinique Rhéna is a unique alliance of three private clinics - non-profit, faith-based, and recognised as public utilities - associated with private medicine, i.e. Adassa (Jewish clinic), Diaconat (Protestant clinic) and Sainte Odile (Catholic clinic). This strategic alliance is intended to create synergies between the institutions and to pool equipment by means of a new building. The innovation hub, the Clinique Rhéna, is located in the heart of Strasbourg's Eurodistrict, and is thus involved in the development dynamic in the eastern side of this, Europe's capital city. Associated with private practice, the new Strasbourg clinic will be surrounded by medical homes, built by and for practitioners, and accommodating the various players involved in patient care. Their location in the immediate vicinity of the clinic creates a veritable "medical campus", a "proximity health hub" which matches Strasbourg's metropolitan and European ambitions. 
The layout of the institution has been enhanced in order to align the necessary innovations in terms of care with their architectural surroundings. All of the spaces are optimised in order to shorten travel as much as possible, to avoid crossing movement flows, to promote the quality of each patient's stay, of working life, and to supply natural light.  
The Rhéna project also incorporates a High Quality environmental process, in compliance with applicable thermal regulations, RT2012.