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Polyclinic of Blois

LOCATION : Blois, France
PROGRAMME : Private hospital
AREA : 20,000 m2
CLIENT : Polyclinique de Blois
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Commissioned architect: AIA Associés Engineering and project economics: AIA Ingénierie OPC: AIA Management
Délais : 20 months
COST : €26.8 million excluding taxes

The countryside around Blois is rural, with numerous agricultural structures and perceptible skylines. It provides the background context for the polyclinic's architecture. The polyclinic is a space intended for all, and ensures confidentiality of care. Protectively, the architecture folds over on itself to form the interior of the hospital. The building is centred around a patio, with "palpable" and reassuring limits, while the patio is like a marketplace, protected from the prevailing winds, and facilitating strolls and meet-ups. The accessible architectural design plan opens up into a separated, intelligible interior. The polyclinic does not feed ambiguity forming a haven of welcome (the consultations area), shelter (the hospital accommodation) and healing ( technical facilities).