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Organic waste recycling centre - Ovade

LOCATION : Bourg en Bresse, France
PROGRAMME : Waste treatment Capacity: 66,000 tonnes/year
AREA : 9,600 m²
CLIENT : Organom
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Architect: AIA Associés
DESIGN : 2008
COST : Construction cost : €48.8 million excluding taxes
The simple, harmonious composition of spaces and the integration of the building into its wooded environment confer upon the facility a unique lightness for a space of this kind.
Designed to be compact, the project does not reach above the tips of the high trees on the site (built-up area = 25% of total land), and it disappears into its wooded surroundings, ensuring the proper integration of the project into the landscape by means of a real visual, olfactory and acoustic screen.
The main east- and west-facing façades are provided with sun shades, and are protected from direct sunlight during the hottest days of summer. The offices have large openings to increase natural lighting during working hours and pleasant views over the gardens. The premises are heated using waste heat from the gas motors. Five thousand photovoltaic panels mounted on the roofs of the compost and green waste storage buildings produce electricity. Rainwater from the access routes is collected, treated and passes through a lake system. Green construction site: A triage system is used, as well as research into resource savings, use of the facilities, and pollution reduction. 
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