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Chateau of Bagnols

LOCATION : Bagnols, France
PROGRAMME : Restoration of the château courtyard and cover with a glass canopy. Creation of a spa and 6 contemporary rooms in the former vat room
AREA : 783 m2 SDP (vat room area)
CLIENT : Chateau of Bagnols
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Commissioned architect: AIA Associés Chief Architect for Historic Monuments: Didier Repellin Interior designers: AIA Architectes Canopy engineering: AIA Ingénierie Structure: Serge Curvat Fluids: Auberger and Favre Economics: Geco
DESIGN : 2012
COST : €2.8 million excluding taxes Canopy: €615,000 excluding taxes Vat room: €2.2 million excluding taxes
Located to the south of a hill overlooking the valley, the Château de Bagnols was converted into a luxury hotel at the end of the 1980s.
The site comprises on the one hand a French-style garden, and on the other, a constructed terrace which overlooks the gardens. Its upper part are the site of the château and a set of buildings forming a horseshoe shape, the north wing of which provides vat room space for the winery. 
The project involves the installation of a glass canopy over the château's inner courtyard, and the creation of contemporary hotel rooms in "the vat room".  The architectural challenge is to heighten the relationship between the two architectural structures, to create a new language.  
The canopy will allow complete coverage of the château's inner courtyard. The façades basically exhibit no symmetry, and the lozenges will fit independently into the context. The naturally ventilated peripheral strip  creates a filter zone between the architecture of the canopy and the linear border of the roof of the inner courtyard. 
The "vat room" is a vast rectangular space 12 x 33 m in size with a height of 6 m, with traditional timber framing. The space has long since lost its original function. The conical shapes into which the bathrooms of the rooms are grouped evoke wine vats. The space will be rebuilt, remodelled and sculpted to enable users to understand it with a contemporary approach without losing any of the magic of its past.
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