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CAPIO Belharra Clinic

LOCATION : Bayonne, France
PROGRAMME : Private hospital The building houses medical and surgical services, a maternity ward, an outpatient care area, a technical facility with 18 rooms, for consultations, and a total of 273 beds and places.
AREA : 29,500 m2
CLIENT : Capio Clinique Lafourcade
PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Commissioned architect: AIA Associés Engineering and project economics: AIA Ingénierie OPC: AIA Management
Délais : 33 months
COST : €54 million excluding taxes

The Clinic is laid out along an east-west axis, with the main access façade acting as a prow relative to the site access routes. This is clearly visible and identifiable, thus facilitating patient access. The east-west axis, which links the two segments of the project, forms its "dorsal spine", onto which all of the functions are grafted. The technical facilities as well as the logistics functions are located south of the spine, notably at garden level. The technical facilities cover two floors - the ground and first floors. The spaces facing the park form plots which promote the well-being and healing of patients, encouraged by contact with nature, while the impact of the technical and medical functions is minimised in the southern part of the project. The dorsal spine is given physical form within the project by means of an internal ground-level street which services all of the functions. 

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